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C.E Taylor smiling at camera

C. E. Taylor’s fascination for science fiction began early. As a nerdy, curious kid, he created his own worlds and realities, and followed sci-fi adventures that captivated him. Instead of playing with toys, he created cities and later, fictional societies and cultures on paper. Later in life, his interest in human culture, and in urbanism led him to pursue degrees in Cultural Anthropology and Urban Planning, while his passion for other worlds, places and times inspired him to write the first book of the Angolin trilogy.


By day he works for city government. His evenings and weekends are spent honing his story of a hidden society discovered by a dangerous enemy. Whether creating storylines, histories, world-building, etc. for Angolin, or dealing with the inescapable real world, he finds a form of Anthropology in everything he experiences in real life, and in everything he reads, as even fiction follows the human condition.

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